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Renee Grant-Williams Vocal Master Class

Can a vocal master class with Renee Grant-Williams change your world?…..YES!

I just got back from the pleasure of experiencing a vocal master class from a living legend.

Renee Grant Williams has coached Miley Cyrus, Christina Aguilera, Keith Urban, Faith Hill, Garth Brooks, Ben Folds, The Dixie Chicks, Huey Lewis and many others and tonight thanks to “Little Man Big Entertainment, Allan’s Billy Hyde Music & Tour Manager Kenny Jewell” Renee coached an enthusiastic collection of vocalists from Newcastle NSW.

Knowing a bit about Renee’s impressive CV I wasn’t sure what to expect when walking through the doors of Lizotte’s in Morehead St Lambton but what I found was a graceful wonderful Lady who I could tell still enjoyed making a difference in the aspirations of our up & coming Australian vocalists.

The master class started with Renee explaining the importance of the space between the notes and putting the class through some basic warm ups to illustrate her points. After that vocalists where invited one by to come on stage and perform portions of their preferred songs with Renee illustrating further techniques by practical example one by one.

With the addition of each new technique the vocalist was asked to re-sing their piece and introduce it in their performance and in most cases the difference was quite amazing.

Renee had a great way with the audience that put all the students at ease and as they kept the numbers down to manageable amount all that wanted the one on one attention to their performance where able to receive it.

Renee-Grant-WilliamsThe workshop went over a few hours with a break of around 20 minutes in the middle. The first session focused on Constants & Vowels along with Rhythmic phrasing and space between the phrases. The 2nd session moved into breathing and extending the vocal range while controlling high register movements.

A great part of the 2nd half for me as a producer was when Renee explained once again in practical demonstration how to understand the delivery and subtext of a song and convey that to an audience. This information was absolute gold for any producer trying to get their singer to push the story & emotion of the track right out of the speakers.

In summing up I would just like to say that it doesn’t matter what level or style your vocal ability is at, if you get a chance to attend one of Renee’s workshops before she flies back the USA you should do it! You will be a better singer when you leave.

For more information and tour dates contact “Little Man Big Entertainment” www.littlemanbig.com ph (02) 4958 8644

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Damien J Cotton

DJ has been a music producer since the late 90's. He has designed and built several recording studios and produced many artists across the entire musical spectrum with a focus on R&B and electronic music. As a multi instrumentalist & music educator DJ performs throughout Australia both as a session musician and teaching & lecturing on music technology in various schools & private studios.

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