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How do I Stop the Pops?

Typically it is the Par, Bar, Far & Push, sounding type of consonants that cause the most problem and without the aid of a pop filter will generate massive bottom end spikes in the vocal wave file that are very hard to get rid of once they’re recorded.

Pop filters are simply a way to disperse any large exhales of air during a vocal recording, they generally consist of a double layers of stocking type fabric over a large hoop that sits about 5cm – 10cm away from the microphone.

CAUTION!.. Don’t mistake a wind sock for a pop filter

Wind socks are usually a large cylinder of foam that is placed snugly over the diaphragm cover of a microphone and are designed to stop the sound that wind over the microphone causes when recording outside. In the studio however you will find that they reduce  a lot of the valuable top frequencies needed for clarity and a good vocal sound.

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Damien J Cotton

DJ has been a music producer since the late 90's. He has designed and built several recording studios and produced many artists across the entire musical spectrum with a focus on R&B and electronic music. As a multi instrumentalist & music educator DJ performs throughout Australia both as a session musician and teaching & lecturing on music technology in various schools & private studios.

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