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New from ARX

Australian manufacture of high-grade pro audio processors “ARX” fill another gap in the market with the new MIXXMaker rack mountable console.


As more musicians, seminars, conferences, DJ’s & venues start to rely on smart devices for their main source of music and A.V playback it would seem like a good idea to design a mixer that accommodates and easily integrates the various outputs of these handy little gadgets.

With this being the case Australian company ARX introduce the MixxMaker.

The ARX MixxMaker is a new multi-channel Microphone/Line Master mixer that also features USB and MiniJack inputs plus wireless integration through an inbuilt bluetooth receiver.



  • 2 Mic/Line inputs.
  • 2 Stereo Line inputs.
  • Zone 1, Zone 2 master level controls.
  • Auxiliary mono output(independent level control).
  • Bluetooth receiver channel (independent level control).
  • USB channel input (independent level control).
  • MiniJack input (independent level control)

Feature details

  • Each Microphone channel on the MIXXMaker has a Balanced Low Noise Mic input, plus individual Gain and Level controls. The Mic input can also be switched to be a Line input as required. Switchable Phantom power is also available on both Mic Inputs.
  • The Stereo Line Inputs 3/4 and 5/6 each have rear panel input trim controls, as well as front panel output level controls, and their inputs are industry standard RCA type connectors.
  • Additionally there are Left and Right Master controls, and a mono L+R Aux Output with its own level control.
  • The Left and Right Master Output XLR connectors can also be switched to Mono if required, by a rear panel switch.
  • The rear panel also has a connector for a push-to-talk jack, and a Priority override ducker switch for Channel 1. Pressing this switch in will duck the level of the other channels by 20dB when Channel 1 is used.
  • The front panel has LED indicators for Bluetooth, USB active, Priority Override enabled, Phantom Power enabled, Outputs switched to Mono, and AC power.

Putting it all together

The ARX MixxMaker is an easy to use mixer that offers many solutions to pro audio installers, conferences, corporate events and venus of all types.

For more details visit ARX Australia

Australia (03) 9555 7859
Distributed in Australia & New Zealand by “The Resource Corp”
03 9874 5988

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Damien J Cotton

DJ has been a music producer since the late 90's. He has designed and built several recording studios and produced many artists across the entire musical spectrum with a focus on R&B and electronic music. As a multi instrumentalist & music educator DJ performs throughout Australia both as a session musician and teaching & lecturing on music technology in various schools & private studios.

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