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Behringer raise the bar and lower the price….

I just got back from the Australian launch of the new toys from Behringer for 2015 and I was really impressed with many of the new gadgets on display. I will say more on those in future reviews but in this article I will be drawing attention to the new digital mixer solutions in the X Air series.


It’s always great to admire the massively impressive and ultra expensive Digital consoles we see on the major tours but the really good news is that now it’s getting to a price point where we can all get into the digital arena and have some high-end toys of our own.

For a full feature set of the X-AIR mixers you can visit behringer.com so rather than going into all the specs of the X AIR consoles (of which there are many) in this article I wanted to bring you a review purely based on functionality and the potential I saw in this series to make life easier for the local Aussie muso.

Behringer-X18rThe first thing is the size
and in the case of the XR18 you can have 18 inputs, 6 AUX outs, 4 onboard effects for each channel, 100 band eq, compressors, limiters and a host of other dynamic processors in a box not much bigger than a shoe box.




Download the free mixing console software app for Ipad, Android or Computer and using the X-AIR’s onboard wifi you can use your favourite tablet to mix and sound check your band from any point in the room.




The icing on the cake is the ability to plug in the Behringer P-16 in-ear personal mixer. Now I think this is really cool! If your playing in a band with live drums you would be just like the rest of us that struggle to hear themselves through the fold-back.

With the P-16 you can mix up to 16 channels of the mix in stereo to your own wedge or a pair of ear buds and with the X-AIR being able to handle up to 48 of these at once everybody in the band can have their own to fiddle with.


computer-recordingRecord straight to your computer…. To complete the circle the X-AIR mixers send out their channels via USB to your computer for instant ultra low latency recording, there is even the option to record midi notes via the onboard midi interface.


So there we have it, a great digital mixer option that gives you…

  • Shorter setup time
  • High-end XLR Midas pre amps
  • USB out to record your gig in separate tracks
  • Wifi tablet interface to wirelessly mix from any point in the room
  • With the P-16 the option for your band members to mix their own fold back or in-ear systems

It’s obvious that I think the X-AIR series are great tools for the hard-working muso on a budget, and they bring high quality components to the part market that has been waiting for this technology to come within their financial reach.

Behringer products are distributed in Australia through “Galactic Music”

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